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Naturally Golden Dog Training

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Baby- 1989-1999

Baby was a beautiful German Shepherd/Border Collie mix. She was Katrina's first dog, even though her parents had her before she was even born.

She was a best friend who didn't care about a young girl messing around with her, or having her sleep in the bed.

She is greatly missed


Thumper, a purebred German Shepherd, this dog is the reason why German Shepherds are my type of dog. He had a hard life, before he was even 8 weeks old he had a shelve fall on him and in messed up his right front leg and right back leg. The breeder was going to put him to sleep but Katrina's parents stepped in and took the little pup. By the time Thumper was 12 weeks old he had his back leg amputated. But that never stopped him.

Katrina and Thumper were inseperable, racing with each other, playing ball and learning tricks. He would do anything for Katrina. He was loyal until the end when his arthritis became to much.

Chuckie- 1999-2006

Chuckie was a Golden Retrieve mix rescued out of a Friends for Life in Gilbert Arizona. Irish was his name, he was a 9 months old full of energy puppy. Chuckie came into Katrina's life when she was 8 years old. Her first agility dog.

Chuckie was not an easy dog to train, his favorite thing was to run away during classes, and had so much energy that Katrina's mom had her run him while pulling her on her roller blades.
This generic pup ended up becoming a great agility dog, placing almost always in the top 4. The best reward she got wasn't even a placement. But being able to compete in the USDAA 2004 World National Show in Steeplechase. A dream Katrina had at the age of 7, when she first saw agility on Animal Planet. Katrina was only 13 years old.

They were part of a group called GoodDog Agility, and it was held at a local elementary school. This was the place dreams came true, friends were made, and memories. In January 2005 GoodDog normal place to hold a show backed out, but they were able to use the GoodDog training locations. This is where Chuckie got his P1 title, he was so proud of it. They didn't know it at the time, but the very place it all started, was also the very place it ended. This was the last show they competed in.

In August 2006, the year Katrina's family moved to Colorado. Chuckie passed away from Liver Failure. It was the hardest lost Katrina ever had, it was hard to reopen up to dogs. Chuckie had lived a short life but a fulfilled life.


Tasha my wonderful German Shepherd/ Australian Shepherd mix. This dog came to Katrina right after the USDAA world show. She was the only puppy in November, and she was perfect.

Tasha went through the teenage years to mature adult with Katrina. She is the most loyal dog Katrina has ever had. Through the hards time and good, Tasha was right there, always ready for hug.

We did do some agility but we never competed. By the time Katrina was 15, she was learning more about horses.

Tasha favorite thing to do is tricks, she can shut doors, roll over, shake, bow, high five, beg, spin, and more. Tasha taught Katrina how to teach tricks, from there she learned to move trick training to the horses.
Tasha is now just enjoying being an old dog. Her arthritis started at the age of 8, so she just getting loved and pampered.

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